2016 Power Tour

Pounding the Pavement

Spanning both the USA and Canada, the 2016 Break New Ground Power Tour is bringing Bosch innovation and thought leadership to jobsites and dealerships. With nearly 200 stops on the 6 month journey, our goals are to:

  • To listen to and work with your crew to provide solutions
  • To share best practices in on-the-job safety and productivity
  • To provide outstanding event-only promos on Bosch tools
  • To exhibit innovative tools and the Bosch Power Tools-branded Ram© truck


Click on the images below to learn more about Bosch Advanced Tool Technology.

Bosch tools to explore

Advanced Accessories

Bosch Accessories provide exceptional performance and value.

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Laser Measuring

Bosch is the leader in laser measuring technology.

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The Standard in Concrete

Bosch is core to the crew for concrete with exceptional power.

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Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless battery charging makes every minute count.

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Don't Miss Out On...

Taking Advantage of Event-Only Power Tour Promotions

Winning Tool Giveaways

Experiencing Hands-on Tool Demos

Exploring the Cool Ram® Truck Plus Tool Trailer

Explore the Bosch Power Tools-branded Ram® 5500 chassis cab outfitted with Sortimo by Knapheide in-vehicle racking – PLUS a customized 17-foot tool trailer. Take it for a spin? No. But kick the tires? Absolutely.

Discovering Bosch Innovations

Active Response Technology™
Speed Clean™ dust-extraction bit system
Green Beam Laser technology

Tour the Rig

Bosch tools to explore

Choose 1 of 4 Bosch training sessions that share insight on thought leadership on the job site.


Attend training modules that talk about safety, dust control, measuring tools, and cordless power.


Watch live demonstrations of Bosch Products including REAXX™ Jobsite Table Saws, Speed Clean™ Dust-Control Concrete Bits, Green Beam Laser Measuring Tools


Get hands on tool demos, talk to our on-site reps, take home Bosch swag, get event only promotions, win tools and more!

Featured Experts

Paul Matras

District Sales Manager

What are some projects you’ve used Bosch Tools to build?

I am an avid snowmobiler and anyone that snowmobiles can tell you that your always fixing something on your sled. That is why I always pack an IDH182 Socket Ready Impact in the trailer! Having the ability to run both insert bits and sockets without switching tools is huge, and the power of that tool make even the most stubborn bolt an ease to break loose. I seriously don’t leave home without it!

Why are you excited to be a part of the 2016 Bosch Power Tour?

Having the opportunity to work and interact with actual users is my favorite part. I love getting real world feedback, learning application challenges, and providing solutions. The tour allow us to showcase our innovative line up at the jobsite where we can put our tools/accessories in the hands of users.

Tim Smith

Key Professional Manager

What is your favorite Bosch Tool?

My favorite tool is the IDH182 socket ready. I always carry one with me. The impactor is a very common tool used in almost every trade and Bosch offers something that NOBODY else has.

Why are you excited to be a part of the 2016 Bosch Power Tour?

Once again, with the Power Tour Bosch is offering something none of our competitors are. At least not on the same level. Our customers had a very positive response and are already talking about next year.

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